7 Measures to Keep your Network System Secure

February 5, 2021

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Do you have a network and wondering how to keep it secure from attacks and intrusions? Then this article is for you.

Firewalls: A combination of both firewall devices and firewall software can be used to prevent unauthorized access to your entire system. With your network device running a firewall software and behind a firewall device properly configured; you will be able to fight any outside attacks because every inbound and outbound communication has to go through the firewall.

Antivirus software: updated anti-viruses can help keep the system from malware attacks. It is important the anti-virus’ virus definition engine is updated if possible daily as many viruses are written almost every day. An up to date antivirus is stands the chance to detect the latest virus.

Secure passwords: It is recommendable to protect the system with secure passwords. Passwords should be at least 8 characters long with a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters. The passwords must not contain dictionary words so that they are not easily guessed. It is also important to change passwords regularly to prevent unauthorized access to your system.

Training on security: user training on security is another way to keep the system safe. Security breaches are often times due to human errors. It is important to make users your network and any other user who connects to your system remotely aware of security attacks. They should be educated for example to not make their passwords public, not follow unknown links, etc.

Encryption: it is important data transferred especially client confidential information is encrypted to the extent that it is not read or intercepted by any intruder but by only the sender and the receiver.

Backups: daily backups are very important to ensure data safety in case of a disaster that may cost data lost. It is advisable backups are not kept in the same place with the system but in a different location deemed safe. There are many cloud services that you can use to store your data safely.

Access control: Access control will help ensure unauthorized users do not connect to your network even either remotely. You can also store the MAC address of authorized computers or devices so that, any device who’s MAC address is not in the system, will not be able to connect to your system.


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